The human factor represents our side in a struggle that is not yet clearly seen, but which has obviously started. It has become part of our everyday lives that machines that surpass human abilities keep track of and evaluate us, and sometimes decide about us.

While all these are happening in the name of the advancement of our societies, let there be no doubt that one day all these non-human capabilities could be turned against us.

On NEW COMPENDiUM we tried to collate a knowledge base about both the human strong points, that would help you to gain the upper hand if the going gets rough and both the human weaknesses, that could be targeted and exploited by machines one day.

To check out what is available as of now in the compendium of the Human Strong Points, CLICK HERE.

To find out what the site classifies as machine-exploitable Human Weaknesses, READ ON HERE.

Alternatively, you could browse the latest news describing the importance of the human strong points HERE or dive into the most recent news about how our human weaknesses are being exploited HERE.



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