Facial recognition systems spread like wildfire: Vienna is on the list

Secunet, one of the leading contenders in the facial recognition business, just installed its second facial recognition system in an international airport, this time in Vienna, Austria (the other being in Keflavik, Iceland). The  Secunet EasyGate solution is – according to the manufacturer – a good-for-all stuff, precisely it is stated, that “The secunet easygate Automated Border Control System ensures the satisfaction of all parties when it comes to border controls”. It surely is as Vienna’s Swechat airport is not only a border crossing into Austria, but the European Union’s Schengen zone as well.

This being said we are relieved, that we enter an era where there are not only CCTVs are everywhere, but they also identifying us as we walk trough public spaces (and not-so-public ones aswell). Identification is based on a number of biometric factors, amongst them facial expressions, body weight, body build and everything else of which there is a dataset. For these systems train via machine learning on such datasets, and afterwards these patterns will empower the resident AI.

It appears that the future holds a lot of interesting twists and turns as these data will land at the wrong hands. And it is not ‘if’, but ‘when’.


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