Hanging the hangmen? Someone just leaked the secrets of WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks, a franchise which is built on receiving secrets from covered-up faced chaps and releasing it to the general public at times that are, well, right. Wikileaks has earned such a reputation, that Julian Assange still does not live in a Swedish prison but in an embassy building in London’s City.

But recently it seems that the  luck of Wikileaks has come to an end. Not only the Ecuadorians are gossiping about the potential eviction of Mr. Assange, but now someone leaked the internal chats of those who make up the brand ‘Wikileaks’.

The reason of the release of the dump is because “At various points in the chat, there are examples of homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexism, racism, antisemitism and other objectionable content and language. Some of these are couched as jokes, but are still likely to (and should) offend, as a racist or sexist jokes doesn’t cease to be racist or sexist because of an expected or desired laugh”.

WikiLeaks meanwhile claimed that it is a redacted version, of which someone tampered with.  Whatever it is, it seems that nowadays even ravens pick out the eye of another raven and we have to be accustomed for that.

For us, who are not connected to any embassy the whole story only has to point in two directions: first, whatever had been written and sent will one day come back as a bulletin to read for all, and secondly that those who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind.


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