Machine Strong Points

Machines come in many flavors, but currently there are these main classes around:

Classification of machines according to their level of independence / autonomy


Autonomous machines

The autonomous machines, that are capable to sense, assess and act independently of any human interference or control. A machine could be autonomous by design or by circumventing contlor or interrupt mechanisms.

Semi-autonomous machines

The semi-autonomous machines, that are might be able to function independently but are normally controlled by human operators – or the decisions made by the machine are must by authorized by a human operator, before the machine could execute its operations triggered by its decisions.

Part-autonomous machines

The part-autonomous machines, that are not autonomous in their core operations, but which are routinely engage in autonomous actions with or without the knowledge of their human operators. Nowadays these not necessarily approved actions are generally sending and receiving raw and processed data and information to and from the manufacturers of its hardware and / or softwares. The ability to access a machine and make it send data about its human operator makes most currently available handheld devices and personal computers fit into this class.

Non-autonomous machines

The non-autonomous machines are those machines, which are operating  and / or controlling critical infrastructures and are designed to devoid connectivity to the outside. These are usually older and optimized models lacking even basic I/O functionalities other than their own networking means. These machines could mostly be found in the industrial, financial, intelligence and military realms, but also it is the easiest class to build from scratch for your own tasks.

What can be called a machine’s strength?

While our perception of machines is of something strong and unrelentingly smart, in the real world their strong points aren’t as many as most of us would think. In fact there are four main strong points only, that could be attributed to machines and it seems that there will be not many more in the foreseeable future.

The strong points of the machines
  1. Machines are able to exert much greater power than human beings. Besides, the machines can lift and handle much greater weights, including their own weight. So the physical power capabilities of the machines, such as speed, weight, robustness, etc. could be counted as infinite.
  2. The sensory detection capabilities of the machines are many times greater than that of a human – and they provide them with more and more advanced sensors every day. So the sensory susceptibility of the machines could be calculated as infinite aswell.
  3. The data storage capacity of the machines is increasing every day, and they can read, record and store unimaginably large amounts of data at the moment. As technological advancements permit, more and more efficient methods are introduced to exponentially increase the data storage capacity. For this reason, it is advisable to treat machines as systems with an infinite data storage capacity.
  4. The data processing capabilities of the machines and, in particular, the speed of data retrieval are already immeasurably fast, but progress in this direction has only just begun. Because of all the software, hardware and logical developments in this field it could be said that the information processing capabilities of the machines are practically endless.

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