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On this page you could read about the currently standing terms and conditions plus some explanatory notes.


NEW COMPENDiUM is a blog / news site specializing in the impact of the growing independence of the machines on the human life. It is debatable whether machines and / or the artifical inelligence will ever be able to act autonomously, but it is quite clear that one can’t rule out the possibility of a coming age when man must stand up against the machine.

Right now there is a clear enthusiasm and trust in AI development, and day by day we could we can see joyful reports about the fantastic results achieved with the help of the AI.

We do not necessarily share this carefree joy, as sometimes we can also read about the worry that is generated by the unbridled and unlimited use of our personal data, by the worrisome achievements in the robotization of military equipment and by the apparent ease how any computer network could be penetrated.

So, for a more balanced view on this quite important issue we categorize the news according to their potential impact on humanity in the future. To this end we try to assess current and evolving phenomenons in relation to the human and machine factors, like their strong points and weaknesses.

Our assessments conclude that it is inevitable to reach a point in time when man might need to stand up against a machine that has become independent and difficult to restrain. An because of this NEW COMPENDiUM tries to colllate the necessary knowledge about human survival in an age of the autonomous machines, that might come in the not too distant future.

The site has therefore no interest in conspiracy theories (as machines would not ‘conspire’), no interest in political / ideological theories (because machines don’t give a damn about imaginary ideals) and no interest in ethical or theoretical approaches (because machines are practical).

We aren’t affiliated with any political or scientific agenda, and we aren’t running an opinion-forming tool created with hidden corporate support. It’s just a site with a cause, and that cause is to educate those who have already begun to understand the future.

A note about the use of the label ‘fake news’: we think that – for example – reporting about a tool which could release a swarm of autonomous armed drones is real news, while reporting about the meeting of two politicians behind closed doors is fake news. The former is real, because it actually happens – and the latter is fake, because apart from those present noone knows what happened or what was said between the parties actually.

Sufficient Source Policy

Being a news site, we have a simple policy regarding the authenticity of the matter the site writes about. It is called the Sufficient Source Policy, and it dictates that the site provides sources that are sufficient to further research the topic. There is no such thing as exclusivity in the cyber realm, so we can never provide all possible sources – and therefore for a sense of quality, the site uses this standard.

The meaning of the term ‘machines’

We use the word ‘machines’ instead of, say computers, because it is hard to differentiate between computers, peripherals and associated integrated gadgets that altogether make up the computer-controlled realm. In the world of the Internet-of-Things, the AI-distorted virtual social sphere and the possibly autonomous AI-driven armed drones we find it appropriate to call the phenomenon simply as the ‘machine’.

The meaning of the terms ‘them’ or ‘they’

The terms ‘them’ or ‘they’ are used troughout the site for a simple reason: we use these terms to highlight those who are owning, using or operating mass surveillance, exploitative big data, pattern-of-life, activity-based intelligence, artifical intelligence or any other mass information gathering system / machine for any reason.

Let it be clear, that ‘they’ aren’t laymen but institutions, tech giants and start-ups, governments, power structures, and whatnot. While it would be an everyday approach to name those behind the helm, but for the most part we can’t know who’s who and who’s siding with whom at any current point of time. And we think for first that there is no way of telling that and secondly it has no real significance. Why?

If you take a look at any country, you gonna see multiple groups existing within the political elite, multiple intelligence organizations, multiple law enforcement structures, multiple military branches, etc. and all of these are not only doing their assigned tasks, but are competing with each other for resources and power (what else, right? 🙂 ) It is done in complex scenarios where they usually have overlapping authorities and more assets that they would need for their legitimate goals. This means that there’s not only a country vs county aspect of any conflict, but also a group vs group aspect and oftentimes a clique vs clique aspect to it aswell. And since many fishy endeavors are being done with someone else for the sake of deniability – there are a lots of ex-these and ex-those, whom are offering professional services for just about anyone with the right amount of money. And in this regard you cannot simply tell who is behind a certain event of phenomena. 

Sadly naming-and-shaming became a mass sport nowadays, and this is in line with the overt approval of those in the shadows, because for them obviously the less the masses know the better.

Photo / Picture Origin Policy

Where original content is availably, we use these, but in some cases we have to fall back on the use of publicly available digital pictures. So, the site is only using photos and pictures that are either original or ones that can be used for commercial purposes for free without attributing the original author or source – under the CC0 license.

The site’s preferred source for such photos and pictures is Pixabay, that we greatly encourage you to visit.

Community / Forum Rules Policy

The site has been made to disseminate relevant, as opposed to fabricated political news. The purpose of the interaction on the site is therefore to enable reasonable people to have intelligent dialogue and to get to know a number of different perspectives.

How the rules enforce this principle? Easily – by following the main rules here:

  1. DO NOT react to what have been written before your post.
  2. Make sure your every post begin with the following: “In my opinion“. If someone does not agree with a point of view, s/he simply describes her/his own and everyone decides by her/himself who’s right and how much.
  3. The final rule is that trolling and offensive behaviours are not accepted. Such behaviours are met with swift and definitive action on the site.

Privacy Policy

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