What You Could Know

Our world is governed by strange laws. But these are the laws that provide the upper hand over the machines, because these are the ones that will never ever be understood by the machines.

KN1A1 The rule of one

The basis of the world we experience is that there is only one instance of anything. There are just no two identical pieces of anything. There are no two identical fruits, no two identical people, no two identical patterns. And although we live in the era of serial production, we must realize that there are no two identical objects (or products).

Everything is a variation, based on an universal and natural pattern, and the number of variations are infinite.

Anything that we assume that there are of two instances of, is an abstraction. And this is the most important knowledge that a human can possess, because a machine’s bread and butter is to continously calculate with numbers other than one, and consequently reaching inaccurate conclusions.

But at the same time, the computer – being an existing thing – is also subject to this law: each computer (even serially produced and exact copies) is different from the other and no computer can interpret another number, only one – and the lack thereof, which is zero.

KN1A2  The contradiction of life

Our world is determined by a fundamental contradiction: Life can only exist through consuming dead things, but dead can only be something that was previously living. The contradiction is therefore that neither life nor death could exist before the other. This contradiction might sounds like a philosophical or theological theorem, but it is more like a practical fact: for the computer there is just the number one, which means that there is current in the circuit (~ comparable to ‘life’) and the number zero, which means that the the circuit does not receive power (~comparable to a ‘lack of life’ or ‘death’).

The uttermost importance of this recognition is that the computers – just like the humans – cannot ‘understand’ or ‘calculate’ the causes of its existence. For this reason computers and machines will always be suspectible to low-level exploits targeting those areas which define the objectives of its activity.

KN1A3 Quantum state: existence and non-existence at the same time

All exists and does not exist to a certain degree at the very same time.  Anything that exists can exist or can not exist, and its non-existence can exist or can not exist.
The fault of the quantum concept: the existence of something is not the non-existence of the opposite. The non-existence of goodness for example does not mean that something is bad. Schrödinger’s living cat is not the opposite of the dead cat, because the living cat is NOT the non-existence of the dead cat.

The plane defined by the axes of existence and non-existence dominates the three real dimensions: time, space, and substance. 

The relationship between the three real dimensions is as follows: time is the change of the substance in space. Change is nothing but expansion and diminution of existence and non-existence.

The rules of existence are simple: for what the conditions are present to exist will exist, and for what are not present, won’t exist.

 We have been accustomed to look only at ourselves, plants, and animals as living beings, even though existence itself is a living being. To make it easier to conceive of existence as a living being, we might call it spirit for simplicity.  Spirit is a being that does not know any obstacle and for which space and time is all available.

The nature of existence is propagation and non-existence is a restriction.

The human is able to provide the conditions of existence and to promote existence through his imagination and work. For the spirit(existence) itself is unable to create itself, but human is able to create anything of its own. (so that the human was indeed created in the image of God: to create existence) Existence, however, as it is created, becomes autonomous and expands and fills everything.

The trowel is a major symbol of creative activity in the Freemasons. A has the same meaning as described here: man promotes existence and then existence is independent. That is to say, after laying the foundation stone, one can go to the spoon.

The human’s job therefore is to create existence or to help an existing existence to exist. Creation can be interpreted as an aid to existence. What is good, positive, beneficial, etc., is the existence of the existence of something. The non-existence of something  is, however, limiting, reducing or preventing in nature.

KN1A3.1. Truth and existence

There is an astonishingly simple correlation between truth and existence and between falsehood and non-existence. And this is something only humans can understand, providing a chance for quicker assessment of events for the humans.

What is true, is real, that is, it exists.
What is false is unreal, that is, it does not exist.

Ccomputers might be able to process the data content of the concepts of truth or falsehood, but will not be able to understand existence or non-existence of objects that cannot be sensed directly by itself. For the computers only those objects are existing which are either sensed or had been recorded in its database.

And this could be  the most important weapon against an AI.